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  • IMM-Cologne 2014
    IMM-Cologne 2014 We invite you to visit the stand of the furniture factory Interdesign from 13 to 19 January.

Interdesign Furniture Factory

INTERDESIGN Furniture Factory was established in 1997. Now it is the largest furniture manufacturer in the Kaliningrad Region, which produces 20 % of the total volume of furniture produced in the Region. Taking into account, that the Kaliningrad Region provides 10 % of the entire Russian furniture production, the volumes of Interdesign factory can be considered quite significant. 

The factory is situated in Chernyakhovsk town, within 80 km distance from Kaliningrad. Today, the good reputation and attractive prices of the brand let the Interdesign factory win customers’ appreciation and significantly expand its sales geography.

Nowadays, the furniture of Interdesign trademark is represented in over 370 trade salons in the whole territory of CIS, including all regions and major cities of Russia, as well as Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Ukraine and Republics of Transcaucasia. It is the chosen strategy and professional management that predefine success of Interdesign trademark.

High quality, modern design, attractive prices, customers’ appreciation – these are the things that allow Interdesign factory achieve success in the furniture market of Russia and CIS.

When choosing furniture for your house, remember that:

  • "Interdesign" is Italian design, recognized the best in the world of furniture design, which is always fashionable and prestigious.
  • "Interdesign" is furniture that both decorates your home interior and creates comfortable environment.
  • "Interdesign" is ecologically pure raw materials matching all requirements and standards.
  • "Interdesign" is high quality, warranties and service.
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